Internet Security Services

With the internet today being so full of Hackers and Spammers, it’s hard to have peace of mind. Which Internet Security services ? Which Anti-Virus? What are my benefits to choosing this Internet Security? How do I know I am truly secure with this program?

Kaspersky is amongst the worlds leading Internet Security Technology. It is a trusted and secure Anti-Virus & Internet Security Application used by millions of people around the world. System Security is Important if you plan to keep your family, home, and business safe from Hackers, Spammers, and other dangerous criminals around the internet.

 What are the actual purposes of internet Security & Anti-Virus?

  • To Keep your Home, Business, Or Personal Computers Safe
  • Secure your personal information (ie. Passwords, Banking Credentials etc.)
  • Securing your Operating System
  • Preventing Damage to your Physical Hardware
  • Preventing Software Corruption
  • Preventing Hackers from Hacking Accounts
  • Preventing Spammers from Flooding your Computer
  • Preventing Spies & Spyware from getting onto your Computer
  • Capturing and Removing Harmful Malicious Programs
  • Healing Harmed & Infected Files, Applications, Folders & More
  • Keeping your Computer Running Smoothly & Securely
  • Preventing Hidden Applications from Running in the background
  • Keeping your registry Secure
  • Protecting your Computer & Operating System Live

Internet Security Should be able to combat Malicious Programs, and stop any harmful Software dead in it’s tracks. That is why Kaspersky is amongst the worlds leading Security software, entrusted by millions.

What Are Viruses, Trojans, Worms, Spyware, & Malware?

Harmful Programs that corrupt and sometimes Destroy files, folders, Registry Entries, Hardware & Software. Literally thousands exist today. Some Viruses are difficult or near impossible to heal or remove, once they have infected your Operating System. This is why Internet Security is so Important.

Trojans act like thieves. They often run unnoticed in background Applications and Processes, causing an incredibly dangerous Security Threat to your Computer and Personal Data & Information. They reproduce themselves in the system and may cause system crashes in some cases, force CPU burnouts, cause hard drives to fail, System Instability, and open backdoors for Hackers and Spammers to harm your computer.

Spyware silently and unnoticeably send personal information back to Hackers, or Bots.  Your Banking Credentials, Pin, Password, and other Private Login information is at high risk if your machine becomes infected with a Trojan. Trojans have the capability to track and trace every motion, action, and internet web page you have visited. All the recorded data then gets sent back to a Hacker or Spammer, putting your Private Information in great Danger.

Worms are one of the hardest programs to heal or remove. They attach to your registry keys, and corrupt anything that you open. They damage files, System DLL files, important files needed to run applications, Operating system files etc. Having a worm on your machine is also a high security risk, which often results in losing personal data, and corrupting your Operating System’s Functionality. Worms can also attach themselves to Physical Hadrware on your Computer, causing it to crash, run slower that usual, or freeze up often.

Malware is the General Term used for all of the above Mentioned which is what Internet Security & Anti Virus protect you from. All of the above mentioned should be included in whichever System Security you purchase and install.

With Kaspersky Internet Security, you can rest assured; your system is in trusted care.



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