Thank you for the interest shown in Radiant Networks products and services.  Like many professional service providers, our services are based on ‘fair charge for fair services’ and a supportive customer base that has grown substantially over the past years, despite the economic downturn.

Why is Radiant Networks different?

  • Our focus is on assisting customers to grow their businesses and profitability using the Internet and our innovative approaches.
  • We offer a full lifecycle approach to using the Internet so we provide graphics design, electronic shopping carts, hosting etc
  • Most of our customers rely on us to get involved in their marketing plans and campaigns on both a strategic and technical level.
  • We understand business as well as technology.
  • We provide professional hosting services using world-wide best practices.
  • Access security and anti-hacking techniques enjoy a high priority in our processes and systems and we won’t be losing your data or emails!
  • We offer a number of optional service packages to suit the pocket of very small users through to very large corporate clients.
  • We operate throughout Southern Africa
  • We become business partners with our customers through involvement and understanding of your business objectives.
  • Outsourcing this important business instrument to Radiant Networks will allow you to concentrate on core business processes.

We are, for example, involved with Steve Heath’s ‘Buddy and Me’ campaign to raise funds for abused children under the auspices of Beares Furnishers.   We host the web site so you will see the Radiant Networks stickers all over his beach buggy as the BBC films his expedition through Southern Africa this month.

Another recent example is that of a new client’s instruction to investigate the possibility of attracting at least 20,000 ‘hits’ per month on his website.  During February 2010 the total hits reached over 400,000 – some 6 weeks into our involvement.

Our customer base includes consulting lawyers who need their email and Internet systems running 24/7 on a high availability basis. Our professional technical infrastructure allows us to meet these high standards.

Most of our customers share how we have helped them expand their businesses in these difficult times.  Contact us and we will provide a list of customers in your line of business on a confidential basis. Most of all, our customers will tell you about our reliability and responsiveness;  how they can call us any time of the day or night and get assistance with their business challenge

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